Laxmi Rebrand

Laxmi is a big Indian food brand, yet their packaging is outdated and doesn't stand out to younger generations. The project is to refresh the brand Laxmi and make it appeal to Western population.

Type /

Packaging Design


Date /

Spring 2016

Today's Laxmi is struggling with...

outdated logo and chaotic visual

hard to differentiate and find each products because all the packages looks the same

unnoticeable shelf appearance, doesn't stand out compare to other competitors

Brand Attributes

Cooking can be meditative. 

Laxmi strives to provide wide varieties of ingredients for cooking and makes the process easy to grasp, transforming cooking into a stress relieving activity.


The new Laxmi logo transforms the traditional Indian style to a more modern and simple look. The little curve that is added throughout the letter makes the logo more cohesive and represent harmonious and precise. 


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