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LOCK&LOCK is the Korean No.1 Kitchen Living Culture company. I was assigned to design a mascot that represents the brand for Taiwan's market. The mascot will be widely used for marketing purpose and to establish a newer and younger brand image.


Winter 2017



Mascot Design

Character Design

The Market of Business Mascot in Taiwan

Business mascots are brand characters that can create an emotional connection with customers. Using a mascot as a marketing strategy is very common in Taiwan.


With its affable image and interactive ability, a mascot can bridge the customers with friendly interaction, which further increase the performance and impression of the brand.

Successful  Business Mascot Case Study


"Hope every day is Sunday"

Date: 2004

Company: Taiwan Life Insurance​

Quality: Resonate with the user; promising service towards the people and society

Butter Lion

"Imagination is your superpower."


Date: 2006

Company: Lion Pencil

Quality: Bringing in a young and fresh image to the old brand

Open Chan

"Your new way of life, OPEN! "

Date: 2005

Company: 7-ELEVEN Taiwan

Quality: Most well-known Taiwan business mascot currently; releasing 3D movie soon

Fu-Li Bear

"Fu-li (benefit) for you."


Date: 2015

Company: PX Mart

Quality: First mascot in supermarket channel; Helps the growth on social media market

Why does LOCK&LOCK need a mascot?

1. To further promote the brand’s core value

2. Stimulate new types of interaction with the customer

3. Bridging the brand with up-coming millennial generation and revitalize the brand

Target Customer

Main Target



35~45 years old

Housewife/ mom

25~34 years old

Young office worker

18~24 years old


SWOT Analysis


1. Currently no competitors in household products mascot

2. Will be the first one to reach the younger generation

3. Positive brand connection

4. Differentiation for others


1. Lack of experience for managing a mascot

2. Need a consistent and practical promotion plan to roll out the mascot


1. Mascot and cute character are trendy in Taiwan

2. Using the mascot on social media to gain a different customer base

3. Commercialized product


1. Increase of competitors

2. Market trend is changing raidly

Key Attributes







LOCK&LOCK New Mascot Design Concept

Back to the origins, leading to the future.

People in Taiwan strongly associate the 4 side locking container with the brand LOCK&LOCK

Marketing Plan for Different Sales Channel and Application

Early Stage

Social Media and Web

1. Illustration to introduce new products on social media

2. Short animation explaining new products function

3. Advocating sales event

4. Website… etc.

Sales Channel

1. Store/ shelf display

2. Product explanation POP

3. Gift stickers

4. Sales event display

5. Membership card design...etc.


Gift or commercialized product

1. Stickers

2. Shopping bag

3. Mugs

4. Stuffed toy...etc


1. Charity events

2. Exhibition

3. Cooking Classes

4. New products presentation event...etc.

Late Stage

Cross-Industry Alliance

1. LINE messenger stickers

2. Brand collaboration products

3. Event like redeem points at convenience store to get products

TV or Web Media

1. TV shopping channel

2. Cooking show

3. Youtube video

4. Online streaming...etc.